What is fashion?
Fashion is the concept of time. The "usual way". Fashion is always to refer to a time period. What was fashionable yesterday, is tomorrow already outdated.
Rolli-Moden has set itself the goal to be the no. 1 in the hearts of its customers and never to stand still, so that our customers can dress attractive in every season and every occasion and feel happy.
We implement the latest innovations and trends from the fashion industry directly and timely in our collections so that you are always dressed "trendy".
That’s why we set our guide to:
We are passionate about it and are not satisfied until you are!


All our garments have a task:
They are going through a process of many years of development and are designed for the sitting posture. Rolli - Moden is the inventor and developer of special clothing for wheelchair users and therefore specialized in the development of new clothing that facilitates the everyday life of the wheelchair users.

Here you can see what we do in a short video:


You did not know that there is such a thing?

Before 1988, Rolli-Moden brought, in collaboration with the Institute Hohenstein, the functional clothing for the wheelchair user, to life. Starting with a pair of pants that had the task to meet the needs of a seated posture. A real milestone in the history.

Since 1988, Rolli-Moden has taken on the task always to assume the needs of wheelchair users and to continually develop. The result of today is the work of over 25 years’ experience and know-how and we still hope for many more years together to set other milestones in the development of functional clothing with you.