Foot bag, lined with lambskin, navy blue 7411

Size: I (S/M)


No longer available

Product number: 7411-I (S/M)
Product information "Foot bag, lined with lambskin, navy blue 7411"
    • Foot bag unisex
    • Warm and cosy foot bag, adapted to the sitting position.
    • The front part can be unzipped and removed completely and so be used separately (e.g. as a wheelchair cushion).
    • Material: 100% water repellent microfibre.
    • Lining: 100%
    • Lamb skin.
    • Washing instructions are enclosen

Size I: (S/M)

Total length: 129 cm

Foot wide: 36 cm

Chest: 137 cm

Size II: (L/XXL)

Total length: 146 cm

Foot wide: 40 cm

Chest: 155 cm


Color: Blue