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Fashion for Wheelchair Users

Many wheelchair users know the annoying problem: garments are often cut so that they are not suitable for people who are confined to a wheelchair. Pedestrian Pants look very unaesthetic when sitting and cause annoying pressure points that can lead to inflammation and other health-threatening problems in the worst case. If you don’t want to constantly stitch up your clothes, you should look in the online shop of Rolli-Moden. We carry chic fashion for wheelchair users, cut for the seated position. If you are looking for special wheelchair clothes that both looks good and is also very functional, you will find it here!

Your advantages:

  • Wide assortment
  • Attractive prices
  • Excellent service
There are many examples in everyday life, showing that it is time for wheelchair clothing which is not only functional but also looks aesthetic. In our online shop you will find fashion that combines both requirements and, moreover, at a fair price!
Besides wheelchair fashion such as jeans, suits, underwear and casual pants, we also carry other interesting items, such as a wheelchair-Box, a wedge-shaped bag that is attached under the wheelchair seat and offers plenty of space for articles of everyday use.
Under the heading "Outdoor" you will find articles that protect you in wet weather from rain, hail and snow, such as a wheelchair-rain cape, leg protection blankets or our warm winter poncho.
As you can see, you get all you are searching for. Whether you are looking for special shoes for wheelchair users or a chic jeans. Highly recommended is also our cranberry concentrate that prevents bladder infections effectively. Explore unhurriedly around and discover the diversity of our offer.

If you have any questions about the products that we offer, our friendly staff will help you either by phone or by mail (contact).